What do we do?

Ardor Theatre Company is an association that aims to make international, positive and humanist theatre, cinema and events. Ardor literally means “the inner light”, we would like to represent and support people whose voice is often unheard. We work with actors from all around the world and we support other associations that work directly with communities that we represent. Ardor was funded in 2021 by Olympe, Elodie and Angélique and has done four shows so far representing women, refugees, women survivors of sexual violence (The Vagina Monologues, Home, The Voice of Refugees, Our resilience – surviving sexual violence).

Who are we?

Olympe Cawdor is the funder and president of Ardor Theatre Company. She works as a director, actor and writer. She trained at dramaschools (conservatoire d’arrondissement) in Paris and at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London (MA in classical Acting).

Angélique Uwingeneye is the legal advisor of Ardor Theatre Company. She studied law in Belgium and she advises Ardor on legal and communication process.

Elodie Athor is the treasurer of Ardor Theatre Company. She works as an actor for the company and advises on creative process. She trained at conservatoire du 16ème arrondissement in Paris.